How Finntent got started

Inspired by the roots

Like nearly everything, it starts with childhood memories: Of long, warm summer days near the small village of Jeonsuu, deep in Finland’s heavily forested eastern expanses. It is here that our family’s small “Mökki” – Finnish for a cottage or cabin – can still be found at the wood’s edge, near the shore of a lake.

A simple wooden dwelling like this is the perfect place for passing time and taking a break from the hustle of everyday life. It’s a symbol of the classic minimalistic Scandinavian lifestyle that unfolds in the midst of the trees that are so characteristic of the region.

It all comes rushing back: The unforgettable taste of homemade fish soup with salted butter; the obligatory trip to the sauna, followed by a daring jump into the icy water of the lake. Mornings, we strolled out in rubber boots across the dew-covered moss; later, there was berry picking, all the while absorbing the ever-present rustling of the trees that is the true anthem of Finland. It is here where the story of Finntent begins.

take me anywhere

Something that started with a nostalgic dream inspired by our roots took shape with the creation of a roof tent brand that can be adapted to the individual tastes of our customers. The wish to be able to take our beloved Mökki with us to unknown places ran together with the interest in travel alternatives that combined both simplicity and practicality.

For our designs, we were inspired by qualities especially valued in the far North, like absolute darkness even when the sun shines at midnight, a robust exterior built to stand the test of time and waterproofing to protect against heavy rain and moisture.

Designed for a long life, we’ve constructed our Finntent to be a true companion for new adventures or respites from the everyday – in short, experiences of all kinds. Wherever these may take you, you can take your own Mökki along for the journey.